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      Permanent backup Solution

      Backup Generator

      Backup Power

      In todays world, weather is changing dramatically. We are getting extreme winter conditions with a mixture of fall/summer/spring all in a 24 hour span. Electrical Power backups is the solution.

      Hydro-Quebec Ice Electrical lines
      Icy Power Lines

      Rain in day turning into frozen icicle over electrical line cause heavy weight adding winds and there you go, power is out. Ask yourself, when will Hydro-Quebec fix this issue? How long will it be until power is restored?

      Permanent Backup power Solution
      Permanent Backup power Solution

      Portable backup Solution
      Portable backup Solution

      It can be 1 hour or it can be many hours. This is when a generator comes in handy. There are many different kinds from portable to fixed with auto switching when electrical power in out.

      Generac automatic home backup generators are permanently installed. Automatically deliver power during an outage. Can back up your entire home if you choose. And are the preferred brand of homeowners who invest in home backup power.


      Permanent Commercial backup Solution
      Permanent Commercial backup Solution

      Whether a power failure is simply not an option, or you just want an advantage over your competitors during a power outage, Generac standby generators make sure you’re open for business during a power outage.

      Never be in the Dark!

      Mega Ohms Electrical can modify your existing panel, add additional panels to create you an automatic home electrical power backups solution for your home or for your commercial business.

      Our professionals with take care of you!

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